Monday, February 14, 2011

Life and ART are ONE

I hope everyone Made blissful vAlentines memories this year, iT is one of my favoriTe days for an excuse to craft something for someone you love
I was pretty busy this last month so I decided on making a quick sketch for the ones I love...I glued it together with some dainty scrapbook paper threw them into these frames from the dollar store... and BAM! One says I love you more than cupcakes, and the one of my true love says 'I love you more than a 360 six string rickenbacker' <--- his dream guitarFor us valentines has become a special day when we talk about artsy dreams and compile ways of achieving them (haha actually kinda sounds like everyday) but most importantly we set goals like new years resolutions about dedicating ourselves to each other and our art form. This year we decided to read The Artists Way together. It is a short course on creativity and spirituality. In it Julia Cameron suggests starting every morning with something called 'morning pages' in which you just write three pages on whatever is on your mind.
This is the notebook I crafted up (one for each of us) to further inspire us to be dedicated to the morning pages and of course creativity. I wrote one of my favorite quotes on the first page... 'LIFE AND ART ARE ONE' and stamped it with a stamp Matt made of our kitty cat :)

Keep on arting!