Monday, January 10, 2011

setting up your craft space: part II

Tune into your thoughts, find your rhythm, and find what works for you to keep your space organized. Make it easy and totally accessible for when you need to find that fuel!

When I sit down to create I like to work on multiple projects throughout the session... I feel most productive this way and don’t waste time fussing over what my finish product will be (as soon I start to fuss, I know its time to put it aside and move to the next project). We all create differently so it is important to find your rhythm and be in tune to your creating style. You can do this easily by paying attention to your emotions and self talk as you are arting. For me when I start to think negatively or stress about my project I know its time to move on. In the past I used to stop at this point, but I have learned I have a lot more energy to channel and by moving onto another project I don’t allow negative energy to eat away at my work or well being.

Essential to your craft space is organization, which I am huge fan of! As I mentioned I have multiple ongoing projects and for each one I have a binder. This way whenever I have something that inspires me or a completed project I can file it accordingly. My binders are catalogues of works in progress which I continuously add to (my big dream: they will be published one fine and dandy day).

Maybe your not a binder gal, and prefer boxes filled to the rim with scrapes and odd ends, or maybe you have different sketchbooks for all your amazing ideas. Either way organize your creativity. One thing I can recommend, keep a little journal with you at all times, I have a small one (from the dollar store with no lines) and I record all my random creative thoughts, simple sketches, lists of things to get, or lyrics from songs that make me tune into certain emotions, or little tidbits from my day like a quote from yogitea. Sometimes I journal in it too, but mostly its what my high school teacher (Tim) would describe as a proper sketchbook, “it is as if your brain threw up on the page.”

Finally, my latest addition to my craft lab, a little inspiration above my planning zone "Never Never Never Give up!"

QUESTION for you: How do you organize your projects? What do you do to channel your creative energy?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A lab for crafts

For any one ready to take on their creative side, I know exactly what you need! A creative space to call your own. It is essential to make it convenient and inspiring... you want to be drawn to this place and be able to access your creative juices instantly. I made mine in my basement and revamped some old furniture to make it my own. As with all crafts you don't need to spend a lot money to make something fabulous! I found an old white shelf, and with some drawer lining sticker sheets. I covered the back of it to make it feminine and artsy (Bought at home depot for under $5)

As my first creative project in my new craft room I made the peg board. Its super easy to build and its soooo convenient to keep your space organized. I bought a peg board at Home depot (it came in white but you can paint them any color you want) and got the board cut to size for FREE at the store. I also got some base board and cut it to size at home, and then glued it on with wood glue (I clamped the edges to the board overnight). I got a combo pack of hooks, made a simple shelf, and got some doweling for a ribbon holder. To hang it up I got some spacers and long screws (with safteys). It is important for the board to be secure, and also have enough room to change the hooks. This project cost about 40$ all together. It now holds my various utensils to cut, paste, and create, as well as a magnet board to hold things to inspire me and remind me why I love life :)

Lesson of the day: Find a space, make it your own, fill it with inspiration, CREATE!