Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A lab for crafts

For any one ready to take on their creative side, I know exactly what you need! A creative space to call your own. It is essential to make it convenient and inspiring... you want to be drawn to this place and be able to access your creative juices instantly. I made mine in my basement and revamped some old furniture to make it my own. As with all crafts you don't need to spend a lot money to make something fabulous! I found an old white shelf, and with some drawer lining sticker sheets. I covered the back of it to make it feminine and artsy (Bought at home depot for under $5)

As my first creative project in my new craft room I made the peg board. Its super easy to build and its soooo convenient to keep your space organized. I bought a peg board at Home depot (it came in white but you can paint them any color you want) and got the board cut to size for FREE at the store. I also got some base board and cut it to size at home, and then glued it on with wood glue (I clamped the edges to the board overnight). I got a combo pack of hooks, made a simple shelf, and got some doweling for a ribbon holder. To hang it up I got some spacers and long screws (with safteys). It is important for the board to be secure, and also have enough room to change the hooks. This project cost about 40$ all together. It now holds my various utensils to cut, paste, and create, as well as a magnet board to hold things to inspire me and remind me why I love life :)

Lesson of the day: Find a space, make it your own, fill it with inspiration, CREATE!

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