Monday, August 29, 2011

Crafts 4 Happily Ever Afters

Weddings are a celebration of TRUE love. Love that is going to be nourished and treasured.
and these crafts do just that. They celebrate the couple, and nourish the lucky ones involved

This first picture is of the pew flowers I made for the ceremony. Here they are clustered.
CLose up of the couples monogram. One M and C hangs below each
Individual pew flower. Each aisle seat will be graced with one.
Close up of the flowers. I was inspired by the tutorial @

These were major life savers at a few weddings this summer. Bridesmaid AID kits and of course the BRIDE gets some Bride AID to :)

Essential Items Included:
Gum (6 pieces was a good amount, and perfect for sharing too)
Tissue (at least three)
Band-aids (a few different sizes)
Safety pins (a few different sizes again)
bobbie pins (a few)
lip chap (1)
wet nap for after dinner (1)
always wips (1)
floss stick (1)
Q-tips (2, good for make up too)

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  1. You did a fabulous job! And love those Bride/Bridesmaid AID kits!