Monday, August 8, 2011


Throughout the years I have collected t-shirts, many of which I wore for years... and years (I swear I have one from when I was 8, and it grew with me). One day I realized most of them did not fit right but I was not ready to throw them out or give them away. They were my proud collection. I wanted to remember all the amazing times in them. THE CONCERTS. My friends and all OUR stories. That's when I knew to making a quilt out of them was the ONLY option :)

It is now my personal blanket's a flawless cuddler, and perfect for sharing.

These are the amazing instructions I followed, YOU CAN DO IT TO:

OR -> If you have any questions leave a comment, Happy Cuddling :)

OR --> For a basic idea READ BELOW. Only 4 steps.

Step 1: Cut out a cardboard square 15 X 15... with this you will trace a square on all shirts so that all patches are equal size.
Step 2: Determine how big you want your quilt to be (mine took 20 tshirts). Once all squares are cut, iron on some interfacing to the back of all patches. This will ensure durability when sewing and will help your quilt last.
Step 3: With some fabric of choice cut long strips, first sew 15 inch strips to the bottom of each shirt and sew the strip to the next shirt, in the end you sh
ould have long strips of shirts. Next sew long strips all the from the top to the bottom of the t-shirt strips. Next sew all together
Step 4: Sew boarders on to the quilt and sew on the batting and back material of the quilt.

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